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User's limitations:

All the content and licensing properties displayed on this website are protected by the Copyright Act-2009, Copyright Act (Revised 2005). All the contents of our site or information or content are stored as our own property.

Our limitations

When you submit a text or a post, it is accepted as the property of our site and when the post is posted, the name of the poster is mentioned. You feel right as the right person to identify you as a person, your posting or presentation name, e-mail address or author.

We may use any information or any information that you submit, use, distribute, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, use or distribute information in any manner, in any electronic means, using e-mail or any other electronic means. It will be approved as our own asset.

Limitations of special privileges

You may need to provide your name and e-mail address, etc. in order to provide you with your personal information in order to provide you with advanced services. You agree to provide true and complete information about yourself. Your responsibility is to protect the data collected from you, personal information, username, password, e-mail, mobile number, valid access to other protected information, its security and privacy. If we suspect that your information is false, inaccurate or incomplete, then your account will be suspended or canceled, and you will be given the opportunity to prove the authenticity.

Terms of use:

Please read the terms of use before using our website. At any time, our website can change the Terms of Use or use new conditions when using the Site, and a Notice of Change will be provided on the website. If you want to use our website, you must adhere to our website Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and other terms and conditions.

You can write for our website. For that you have to submit your name information and content through our contact form, the SAT IT team will review your content and analyze the contents of the content and publish it in the appropriate section. If the name is unacceptable, you have to specify it.

You can share your opinions or suggestions about any content in the comments box,

SAT IT advises all its users to be respectful of all people. They are forbidden to share posts, stories of harassment, or any group or person, in relation to racism, bigotry, hatred and any kind of discrimination.

SAT IT's property in Amendment, copying, reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, transmitting, translation, selling, and any other services not permitted by us, including any Content, Articles (Image, Video, Video) Can not use. Publicity or promotion of publicity on custom websites will be strictly prohibited and legally punishable.

The use of critical, insulting or offensive language in the comment box violates the Terms of Use of the SAT. So this type of language is not desirable. However, you can offer compliments, suggestions or opinions in the elegant language.

Our website is permitted only for your personal use, and it is legally prohibited to publish it on any other website. We will publish it with our link.

Encouragement or promotion in violation of rules or regulations is not expected in any way.

SAT IT sites are open to everyone for the purpose of learning about the entire educational, educational world of our site.

Posting a link containing sexually explicit content on the Sat Academy blog is prohibited.

Any illegal, incorrect, or false information is prohibited from providing links to posts or replies in the comments box.

Any virus software, computer code, files or programs, computer software or hardware for harmful articles are sent to the essay or to the whole of the jamansana banned and legally punishable.

Advertising, product promotion is not directly approved in the comments.

Spider, robots, data mining techniques or other automated devices or programs are prohibited.

Before using third party links, you will need to read their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy well. The Sat IT is not responsible for those websites or content.

If you notice a violation of the terms of use, immediately report it to .

Under the terms of these Terms, the rights of SAT IT will be preserved and practiced.

Restrict access to the site

Due to the violation of the terms of the SATT IT, your access may be terminated. In this case, you have the right to transfer any of the illegal activity information, including your personal information, to the appropriate authority.

This agreement between the user and us is included in the Seat IT Privacy Policy, which constitutes the entire agreement, and it reserves the right to modify or modify the SAT IT fully. Please contact us for more information regarding use and terms of use.

Thank you for visiting SAT IT.